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October 13 Cybersecurity Trends: "Ransomeware: Is It Really Give up and Pay Up?

Our speakers will be Dave and Silvia Vargas.   We are pleased to have them speak on this important topic.  This is the second topic of our cybersecurity theme. 
 Bring a friend and/or coworker and RSVP early for this event.  
Presentation Synopsis
Ransomware is a unique class of malware that encrypts victim data and demands payment in return for the data's unscrambling. In late 2015, researchers spotted more than 70,000 ransomware incidents in just one week. It is so malicious and difficult to defeat that during the same time period, the FBI recommended that victims of ransomware simply pay up. This new class of malware has been spreading aggressively and represents a revolutionary new stage in cybercrime. In this session, attendees will learn what ransomware is, why it is so effective, and why it will most likely dominate the threat landscape for several years to come. Attendees will learn about ransomware's gradual evolution from non-encrypting to encrypting versions. They will also learn who is developing ransomware, how it is most commonly distributed, and why it is so difficult to defeat. The session will end by reviewing those innovative solutions and best practices that can help security professionals investigate and mitigate this new cybercrime threat.
At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:
- Describe the role of ransomware in today's Malware Economy
- Explain why ransomware poses such a significant threat to organizations regardless of size
- Understand the logic of ransomware's evolution from rogue software to encrypting versions
- Implement protection techniques that represent current best practice
- Intelligently investigate ransomware incidents
- Explain what security professionals can expect to see in the future from this powerful threat


Please register by clicking on "RSVP For Event" by Monday, October 10.  There will be a $5.00 charge for those without an RSV

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