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January 14 Dinner and Presentation on Robotic Art

Creative Computing

Speaker: Pindar Van Arman

To welcome the new year, we are pleased and excited to share bitPaintr, an interactive robot with you.

Come join us for the January 14 meeting to learn about creative computing
from our speaker, Mr. Pindar Van Arman.
Pindar Van Arman is an innovator, a technology artist and the creator of
bitPaintr, an interactive robot that specializes in painting portraits with a
brush on canvas. Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also help people of all skill
levels paint their own portraits. And when it is not helping anyone, bitpaintr 
 paints on its own.
The concept behind bitPaintr is simple: A user uploads a picture, and the
robot paints it. The added bonus? Users can remotely jump into the
software and join the robot to help it paint, whether that user is in the same
room or 3,000 miles away. bitPaintr is the fifth robot created by Mr. Van
Arman in the past 10 years and unlike earlier versions that included bulkier
devices, produced a simpler painting and used pre-written algorithms,
bitPaintr paints totally on its own. It has even developed its own style.
Pindar Van Arman is a software designer who has spent his professional
career building machines that use AI and has worked on a DARPA challenge
team in California to build a self-driving car. Mr. Van Arman has been
profiled in recent articles in NPR, Great Day Washington and The Discovery
Channel Canada and is slated to give TED (Technology, Education and
Design) talk in 2016.
Check Pindar out in a recent NPR article:

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